The First International Conference on Dust

 Dust storms are common in parts of the world with dry land areas such as Middle East. They are caused by great wind velocity. Periods of severe and widespread drought can increase the likelihood of major dust storms,particularly during the summer months. Dust storms are caused by a combination of weather conditions (low rainfall),features of the natural environment and human activity. Dust storm events,especially strong dust storms are not only immediately dangerous,but may also have a long-term,harmful effect. Occurrences of dust-storms have been implicated in outbreaks of environmental diseases in many regions of countries such Iran. In other word,they severely destroy the original area’s climate-atmospheric environment and ecological environment including vegetation and soil and can accelerate desertification by sand burying and blowing. Additionally,Dust storms can cause a number of serious health problems. Therefore,dust storm events have become an important environmental problem paid attention to by more and more people. In this way,“The First International Conference on Dust,2016” is the first international and interdisciplinary conference in Iran on Spatial statistics,Geographical distribution,Mineralogical,Geochemical,Environmental,Economical and Social aspects of dust storms. Finally,This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to present new information,knowledge and to exchange new ideas,face to face.




  • Identify the source and cause of dust storms;
  • Investigation of dust storms consequences;
  • Identify solutions and controlling factors of storms;
  • Develop effective strategies to dust storms control especially in the Middle East.

Conference Topics:

  • Dust storms source areas (internal & international source);
  • Dust storms and climate change;
  • Dust storms and environment;
  • Dust storms consequences in aquatic ecosystems;
  • Socioeconomic impact of dust;
  • Interaction between dust storms and transportation industry;
  • Dust storm and public health;
  • Enhancement and monitoring of atmospheric dust.