Dust storms are common in parts of the world with dry land areas such as Middle East. They are caused by great wind velocity. Periods of severe and widespread drought can increase the likelihood of major dust storms,particularly during the summer months. Dust storms are caused by a combination of weather conditions (low rainfall),features of the natural environment and human activity. Dust storm events,especially strong dust storms are not only immediately dangerous,but may also have a long-term,harmful effect.


The Save Our Soils campaign was initiated by Nature & More, as a partner in FAO's Global Soil Partnership. Many other NGO's and companies have joined the campaign. The Save Our Soils campaign will run from December 2012 until December of 2015, the International Year of Soils.


چهاردهمین کنگره علوم خاک ایران

14th Iranian Soil Science Congress will be held on 6th to  9th of  September, 2015
in The International Year of Soil